Things we shared at our first Lead Teacher Day 0f 2008

  • http://www.vark-learn.com A website that can be used with children via the Version for Younger People tab (12-18 years old) to help decide learning styles via a questionnaire- kinesthetic, aural, visual, read/write.

  • Paul from Upper Moutere shared how he turns Powerpoint slideshows into a book type format.

  • Mathletics- children can still access the maths activities via the website.

  • Newszone- Newspapers In Education website with links to NZ newspaper- current events items

  • Mieke shares the buzz from iSchool about using iWeb as a tool for building digital portfolios.

  • Luke shared his ideas about using Front Page as a web authoring tools similar to iWeb. Front Page comes about with the software package to schools.

  • Sandra shared Marvin avatars- very cool- and coming out to a school near you in the near future.

School Tour

  • It was decided that the school tour would best fit if at least couple of teachers from each participating school were able to attend to bounce ideas off each other.
  • We would try and visit schools in the Nelson region at this stage of the year and maybe look to visiting schools within the cluster later in the year as a goal to work toward.
  • Schools mentioned for visiting were Brightwater with a focus on ICT/Thinking Skills and Inquiry Learning, Henley with a focus on use of interactive whiteboard use to enhance learning and Broadgreen Intermediate.
  • We would have the tour to coincide with the follow-up from the Learning at Schools conference feedback session to be held at Motueka South on April 9th at 4pm. This would take the form of a repeated 20 minute session by attendees.
  • Allanah will publicise and co-ordinate a couple of mini-buses for the 9th.