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  • Digital Story Telling is an effective means of communication for the 21st Century
  • May be factual or fictional
  • Combine words, images, music, sounds and other types of media to tell a story
  • Encourage students to intentionally develop content as a genre of communication making their message come alive – content is king

1. Keynote presentation on Digital Storytelling

2. Where does digital story telling sit in the curriculum.

3. Sharing some examples of digital stories...

  • Allanah's holiday digital story
  • How to care for your rabbit
  • Ruby and Jessica's Ngarua Caves Story
  • My Poem Story
  • Red Beach School
  • Claire's story
  • Franz Joseph Glacier You Tube Digital Story

We will look at making a digital story using iPhoto, iMovie, Kid Pix, Garageband, PhotoStory3, Movie Maker or Powerpoint wrapped around some poetry.

Breath by J Daniel Beaudry

A Blessing for the Woods by Michael S Glaser

Think LIke a Tree by Karen I Shragg

You may like to look at for high quality digital images that are copyright free.

Lead teachers were given a copy of a CD with copyright free music on it as well.


Apple Users are drawn to Videocue a free iSite video capture with Autocue.

You might like to download Melissa that will lip synch with you. You will most likely need the latest Flash player to play with Melissa.

Playing is good for you!