Lead Teacher Day 19 March 2008

  • 10am Skype video conference with Anne Mirtschin- Edublogger and digital story telling enthusiast from Melbourne.

Key Questions:

  • What do we know and understand about the key competencies and what they might mean for our students and our school?

  • Can we see opportunities within our current structures and practice for developing the key competencies?

  • How might we teach these?

  • How might we assess these?

The Competencies:

  1. Thinking (creative, critical, and logical thinking, metacognition, self awareness and reflection)

  2. Participating and contributing ( contributing to communities)

  3. Managing self ( making decisions for yourself including goal setting and planning

  4. Relating to others (the knowledge skills attitudes and values necessary for working and interacting with others.)

  5. Using language symbols and texts ( discovering of meaning through the discovery of cue and clues)

  • Username: Discoverit Password: ictpd

10:30am Morning Tea

12:30 Lunch
  • Sharing from Lead Teacher Delegates- URLs will be posted on this space.
  • Planning for School Tour- Week 7-11 April
  • Wednesday 9 April- Learning at School follow-up at Motueka South School- come along and learn about all the wonderful things we learnt while in Rotorua- two 20 minute sessions.
  • Possibility of Mimio trainer showing interactive whiteboard demonstration on that day as well.